Keeping Your Enemies Closer

As the most exciting league in the world prepares yet another marquee exit, many inexhaustibly feel Manchester City should simply show Carlos Tevez the door and make sure it doesn’t hit him on the way out.

The nucleus of the tumour here is not Carlos Tevez but his agent (the school of Don King class-A graduate) Kia Joorabchian. Joorabchian, pronounced ‘show-me-the-money’, is the astute businessman who provided the platform for Tevez to evolve his future. He helped Tevez escape Buenos Aires to become the first non-Brazilian since 1976 to be awarded the player of the year at Corinthians, in Brazil. The next logical step for any South American prodigy is the footballing amphitheatre of Europe, and in Tevez’s case the bright lights of the Premier League. For this, Carlos Tevez has remained fiercely loyal to Joorabchian and would run through brick walls for him.

Show me the Pesos

If you start to peel the layers back, it is impossible to escape the suspicion that this is about Joorabchian as much as Tevez. Two years ago, the agent was a powerful figure inside Eastlands bringing in Mark Hughes, former chief operating officer Paul Aldridge, and the current chief executive officer, Gary Cook. But ever since the new owners installed Brian Marwood as football administrator, Joorabchian has found his clout alarmingly diminished with more and more doors closing before his very eyes. Where once the agent’s influence spread throughout Manchester, now his only control is the Argentine terrier. The latest City accounts reveal that agents’ fees have halved with Marwood’s presence and negotiations clouding heavily over Joorabchian. The agent even tried to muzzle his way into the Yaya Toure deal, only to have City point him in the opposite direction. It seems Joorabchian is throwing his expensive toys out of his pram and wants the Eastlands club to pick them up.

Carlos Tevez is stating ‘homesickness’ as his reasons for wishing to leave City, but yet again reading between the lines leaves more questions asked than answered. City regularly allow the player to jet home to be with his family. However, most recently on a four day break Tevez was not with his children in Buenos Aires but with a friend in Tenerife. Not the most covert of operations.

The sadness for Tevez is that he is actually at the perfect club for him. The South American generally appears to be in his element when he is not surrounded by the global superstars as proven with his time at United. For the good or the bad, City should be basking in the infinite optimism of their ‘sky’s the limit’ prominence. Instead, their headline act, el capitan, wants out. If Tevez leaves, the club will continue on their journey and perhaps reach even greater heights. But will the club and the league miss him? Of course. Will the club and the league miss Joorabchian?

Til next week,

Adrian Payne

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7 Responses to Keeping Your Enemies Closer

  1. Charles Brown says:

    Excellent post again Adrian and one that is very poignant for me being a huge City fan.

    I cannot understand the situation myself – many questions unanswered for the City faithful. I could go on all day but I’ll spare you and all your readers that!

    However, on the supposed ‘homesickness’ – he only has himself to blame for his children being away from him. His wife and children were here with him when he played at United but it was his alleged extra-marital ‘activity’ which has lead to them residing in Buenes Aires.

    Footballers eh….?

  2. Neil says:

    Let’s hope Tevez signs for Blackburn.
    Or Newcastle.

  3. Nicholas Bulshaw says:

    Interesting view. Also being an avid City fan I feel heartbroken about the situation. If it is down to Joorabchian then the guy should sling his hook. Unfortunately I agree and sell Tevez, we don’t want anyone who doesn’t want to be at our great club. Use the money to sign Villa or Torres

  4. Matthew Fearnhead says:

    What a clown. First Rooney now Tevez, these players are making their clubs look like a joke and the fans just forget? Shockin

  5. Brucie says:

    Good article, bad subject. Tevez is unloyal til the cows come home. His agent is definately the crook behind it all

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  7. Anonymous says:

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