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X WOMEN'S PRO LONG TIGHTS |   Compression By CW-X icon
PRO LONG TIGHTS The ultimate anatomically-engineered tight, featuring the patented Support Web, providing Targeted Support to the key muscle groups and joints of the lower limbs.

The Pro Tights are the next phase in the evolution of the anatomically engineered performance apparel revolutionised by CW-X. They feature the Support Web exoskeleton that:
- Supports the leg muscles, reducing fatigue and increasing blood flow
- Reduces impact and load to the leg by bringing the hips, knees and ankles into proper alignment
- Provides greater stability by uniting the major joints of the leg
- Provides lower back and hip support

Provides lower back support: The Support Web extends from the sides of the hip, stabilising the pelvis.
Supports the gluteus maximus: The Support Web helps to reduce fatigue and increase power.
Provides a suspension system for hamstring: The Support Web follows the main muscle structure of the upper leg intersecting at a key point of the hamstring effectively reducing workload, especially in th pull phase.
Acts as a suspension system for the quads, specifically the sartorius muscle: The Support Web intersects just below the knee, reducing shock and speed at which te knee bends under load. Increased speed and power at the push phase of the running motion result from the additional support and alignment.

80% Nylon/20% LYCRA 2 -way stretch Support Web
Multidirectional stretch fabric exoskeleton supports specific muscles and joints of the legs.

80% COOLMAX/20% LYCRA 4-way stretch body fabric
Helps to keep the body cool and dry, pulls moisture away from the body and carries it to the outside of the tight.

UPF 40+ for UVA/UVB protection

Flat seam construction
Eliminates abrasion, increases comfort, and enhances fit by reducing bulky seams.

Reflective logo
Increases visibility in low light conitions

Women's specific design and pattern
Provides comfort and easy of movement. With COOLMAX gusseted crotch liner. Based on decades of Wacoal's research of the female form. Allows for a better fit for the female anatomy in motion.

Abdominal support panel
Featured in 3/4 tights, shorts and fit shorts, provides extra core support to the wearer.

Key pocket and double-reinforced waistband with flat draw-chord.
For fourty years, scientists at Wacoal Human Science Research Center in Kyoto, Japan have studied kinesiology, the science of human movement. They have tested over 35,000 people and analyzed injuries relative to warm-up and cool-down periods. They have come to understand the mechanics of joints and muscles in minute detail. This exhaustive study of body movement has culminated in over 15 U.S. patents and CW-X Conditioning Wear.

In a study in Kyoto, Japan, electrical pulse activity of the muscles (muscles firing into motion) was measured electromyographically. Unsupported and partly supported legs both showed frequency decrease during exercise, indications of fatigue. Legs supported by CW-X showed negligible frequency decrease.
In a study in Montpelie, France, differences in fatigue in runners wearing shorts, regular spandex tights, and CW-X Conditioning tights were measured comparing VO2 oxygen uptake levels over 15 minutes of running at 80% of maximal effort. When wearing CW-X tights the results showed 26% and 36% lower oxygen usage compared to regular tights and shorts respectively, indicating lower energy expenditure in CW-X tights.

The Support Web provides targeted spport to specific muscles and joints in the body where it is needed most.

The targeted variable compression technology of CW-X's patented Support Web facilitates circulation and venous return, minimizing lactic acid build-up and muscle soreness during and after activity.

CW-X products provide UVA/UVB sun protection. The UPF rating indicates how much of the sun's UV radiation is absorbed by the fabric. A UPF rating of 50 allows 1/50th of the sun's UV radiation to pass through it. This means that the fabric would reduce skin's UV radiation exposure by 50 times where it's protected by the fabric.

The genius at the heart of CW-X is an obedience to the structure of the body, made possible by two extra-ordinary fibers: LYCRA and COOLMAX. COOLMAX is the fastest drying fabric known to man. It moves moisture instantaneously from the bod out to the fabric's outer surface where it evaporates at twice the speed of cotton. So with CW-X Conditioning Wear you remain cool at even the highest temperatures. When less energy goes toward cooling the body, more energy is left to help you excel. LYCRA on the other hand, possesses the unique ability to stretch yet retain its shape.

Healtha+ is a multifunctional, lightweight, quick-dry fabric developed by Ventex. Nanotechnology has been used in the development of Healtha+ which consists of 90% polyester/10% spadex yarns. This combination facilitates comfortable fit and freedom of movement, as well as quick-dry moisture wicking capabilities. The 6-channel shape of Healtha+ fibers results in a capillary action pulling the sweat away from the skin's surfaceto the exterior of the fabric. Healtha+ yarn's wide surface area is also an intrinsic advantage over regular fibers. A wider surface area allows for greater moisture evaporation. This makes Healtha+ one of the fastest drying textiles available. Healtha+ is also antibacterial and odorless through the application of silver dioxide fiber technology, preserving garment freshness. Finally, integrated titanium oxide fiber technology protects against ultraviolet rays providing UPF 50+

Auto-Sensor is a nanotechnology fabric ith patented features that has been developed by Ventex. The fabric itself is a breathable three layer polyester (90%) construction with polyurethane spandex (10%) for 4-way stretch comfort. The two primary functions of Auto-Sensor are moisture transport and temperature regulation. Hydrophobic and hydrophilic fibers suck perspiration away from the skin and disperse it across the exterior fabric face for evaporation. The temperature regulation function maintains the next-to-skin temperature of the garment at a constant comfortable level keeping the athlete warm in cool conditions and cool in warm conditions. Auto-Sensor fabric is also antibacterial through application of silver dioxide fiber technology. UPF 50+ UVA/UVB sun protection.



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