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SKINS COMPRESSION CLOTHING Many professional athletes and active sports people wear Skins™ sports compression gear to give them the advantage over their competition. Skins™ sports compression clothing embraces a whole range of sports including, running, cycling, football, rugby, golf and extreme activities to name just a few. All sport skins are made with comfort, breathability and muscle support in mind. Skins™ sports wear have flatlock seams to prevent abrasion and strategically placed panels for ventilation. BioAcceleration Technology™ within the fabric used in making Skins™ sports wear increases muscle oxygenation and reduces lactic acid build up. A 50+ UPF ensures that you’re protected from the sun while the strategically placed reflective logos and stripes keep you protected in the dark. The smart technology fabric used in Skins™ sports wear works to adjust your body temperature in both cool and warm conditions, keeping it at the optimal level. When your body heats up, moisture management wicks away perspiration keeping you cool and fresh. Combine this with antibacterial properties in the fabric and you stay fresher for longer. Within the Skins™ sports range are CROM (Complete Range of Motion) tops which are specifically designed to allow freedom of movement during any activity by incorporating tactically placed motion tech panels on the upper body. Therapeutic gradient compression across your torso and arms improves core stability and enhances muscle awareness. Sports Skins™ continue to work even after you’ve finished your activity to ensure your body is free from muscle fatigue and DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Make the most of your sports Skins™ by wearing them during travel time to help you recover more quickly enabling you to focus on your chosen sport feeling energised.